How to Become a Member

INDIEC offers three separate classes of membership eligibility.  Please choose the membership class that best applies to you and click on that link for more detailed information.

·         Full Membership
·         Regular Affiliate
·         Vendor Affiliate

Participation in INDIEC is valuable because:

  • The latest news on pending Indiana regulatory proceedings affecting competitive market developments.
  • Up-to-date information about Indiana legislative proposals and the potential effect of such legislation on the cost and reliability of energy.
  • Participation in INDIEC's regular monthly business meetings, special meetings, workshops, conferences, and receptions.  Click here to learn more about our current meeting schedule.
  • Participation in and information about ad hoc groups who wish to intervene in rate and service proceedings of specific utilities.  Click here to learn more about case participation.
  • Participation in special INDIEC Vendor-Affiliate meeting held in conjunction with the Indiana Energy Conference.

10 Reasons to be an INDIEC Member

INDIEC Antitrust Guidelines

Please consider joining INDIEC to strengthen our fight to protect ratepayers and preserve jobs in Indiana.

For more information about the benefits of INDIEC membership to your company, contact:

Bette Dodd, Director
Indiana Industrial Energy Consumers, Inc.
One American Square, Suite 2500
Indianapolis, IN46282
PH:  317 639 1210
FAX:  317 639 4882

Kay Squires, Administrative Director