The Voice of Industrial Energy in Indiana
Indiana Industrial Energy Consumers, Inc. (“INDIEC”)

Regular Affiliate Membership:

INDIEC membership is open to all large volume energy consumers operating manufacturing facilities served under industrial public utility tariffs within the State of Indiana. Any entity not otherwise eligible for INDIEC membership, but supportive of its purposes and founding principles, may be eligible for affiliate membership and permitted to participate in certain functions and to receive various materials of INDIEC as determined by the Board. Such entities shall not be entitled to vote or otherwise participate in any general membership functions pertaining to the direction and affairs of INDIEC. An eligible entity may become an affiliate member by submitting a request in writing, by the assignment of a specific knowledgeable company representative, and by payment of affiliate membership dues as follows:

Annual Dues: Each regular affiliate member of INDIEC shall pay the amount of One Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($1,500.00) per affiliate member company per year.