Top 10 Reasons to be an INDIEC Member

The goal of INDIEC is to minimize the cost of energy and optimize the reliability of utilities to Indiana manufacturers to sustain and improve competitiveness and facilitate growth and expansion through the following:

  1. Influence state energy and utilities policy by serving as the “voice” of industrial consumers on energy issues at the IN State Legislature, the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, the Indiana Office of Energy Development, the State Utility Forecasting Group at Purdue and other forums where policy is developed and debated
  2. Receive detailed analysis on energy and utilities issues via position papers, regulatory rate case summaries and analyses and impact analyses of topical issues
  3. Increase your knowledge of energy and utilities issues through INDIEC workshops and the INDIEC–sponsored annual Energy Conference, monthly meetings and issue updates
  4. Leverage INDIEC’s legal and consultative resources to respond to questions about pending legal issues, provide assistance in understanding present and future state initiatives on energy policy and present on energy and utilities topics to management
  5. Share and benchmark with other manufacturers, successful approaches to energy management, internal policy development, program execution and best practices
  6. Collaborate with other manufacturers in the formulation of state energy policy and with the diversity of the group, understand the significance of issues and options available for solutions from the various perspectives
  7. Leverage public utility rate case intervention initiatives on both franchise territory and generic levels with other manufacturers in an effort to contain rate increases and ensure a favorable energy and utility regulatory climate is maintained and improved
  8. Participate in broad-based coalitions, to influence responsible regulatory and legislative initiatives, with organizations such as the Indiana Manufacturers Association, Indiana Cast Metals Association, the Indiana Hospital & Health Association and others, to increase the impact of the message
  9. Network with other manufacturers with locations in other states that face similar issues and compare and contrast approaches, successes, challenges and opportunities
  10. Demonstrate to your management, the value INDIEC membership brings in terms of cost