Industrial Groups

Lewis & Kappes represents individual clients, as well as ad hoc groups, on a wide variety of issues relating to regulated industries. The purpose of this information sheet is to describe Lewis & Kappes’ representation of groups.

How Groups Are Formed
Groups form with respect to a specific utility or in relation to a specific issue involving more than one utility. Frequently, a filing by a utility at the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) for relief such as a rate increase, a tracker adjustment, or a change in its tariff will cause a group to form for the purpose of intervening in the proceeding. The purpose of intervention is to influence or persuade the IURC and other participants to take or adopt positions advantageous to the group and its members; to advocate positions so that the final results are better for the group and its members than otherwise would be; and/or to encourage and actively participate in settlement efforts that advance the interests of the group and its members. From time to time, groups form to file a complaint because of a utility’s practices or rates, bring an action in local court, participate at the Court of Appeals, or otherwise. In any event, the members of the ad hoc group, in consultation with its attorney and experts hired by the group, direct the intervention and set the group’s goals and objectives.

How We Do Things
You can expect regular client communications from the Lewis & Kappes Energy & Utility Practice Group relating to the proceeding. Telephone conferences are held frequently to discuss the case and seek ways to advance the group’s interests. Individual discussions relating to an individual client’s interests are also held.

How Billed
Billing for ad hoc groups, unless the group determines differently, are computed on a basis of 75% usage and 25% per capita. This formula balances the interests between different large volume users and gives all a sufficient stake in the outcome. We need each case participant’s consumption figures for the most recent 12 month period. This information is kept strictly confidential and is used only for purposes of billing allocation. Services for consultants (such as Brubaker & Associates) are billed separately and are billed on the same basis. Expenses are billed in accordance with Lewis & Kappes’ schedule of charges, a copy of which is available upon request.

Estimated Fees
Estimated fees may be determined in phases, based on estimates of time required multiplied by our hourly fees. All good-faith estimates provided by Lewis & Kappes are for legal fees only and represent estimates only. The good faith estimates do not represent either a floor or a ceiling unless specifically agreed to by the group.

We Welcome Your Participation
For inquiries regarding industrial groups or as an individual client, please contact an attorney in our Energy & Utility Section Law Group or visit our website at

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